Production steps

Production steps


Olive tree exclusively “Koroneiki” variety cultivated in the region of Sitia

Beating  branches of trees and collecting the olives from the nets in vegetable fibre sacks

Transportation of sacks to the olive oil mill

Removing the olive leaves and washing

   Crushing and mixing the olives

Centrifugation A’ (separation of solid and liquid constituents of olives)

Centrifugal  separation of liquid into virgin olive oil and vegetable water

First chemical analysis, rating of virgin olive oil per quality category in particular stainless steel tanks for storage

Second chemical and sensory analysis check before the storage of oil

Retention of olive oil tanks so that it is cleared by itself by sedimentation

Filtration through filter of diatomaceous earth

Storage in a new clean stainless steel tank (for filtered olive oil)

Third chemical and sensory analysis to check the quality of oil after the filtration

Bottling and plugging in automatic production line, labeling and printing of data

Fourth chemical analysis, from a bottle taken at random

Packing and palleting of bottles

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