About our company

About our company

About our company

The Company

Our Company “BIOKALLIERGITES SITIAS A.E” bottles the largest amount of the produced PDO Sitia olive oil. The equipment and the processes for production and bottling of the olive oil are always according to the model and specifications of the most stringent quality control systems (ISO:22000, ISO:2005, IFS, BRC). Also, according to the production and bottling instructions of the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) as well as those of Agrocert for the olive oil PDO Sitia of Lasithi, Crete, and of BIOHELLAS for the organic olive oil. Our Company exports its products to Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, while it supplies the most important supermarket chains throughout Europe. 

The vision

Believing in the vision for a quality and unprecedented product which could contribute decisively to the development of the area, the producers of Sitia with the Holy Monastery of Toplou at the forefront, founded in 1999 the company BIOKALLIERGITES SITIAS A.E, with the aim of the production, standardisation, and distribution of the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sitia PDO and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sitia PDO. The idea, simple: faith in tradition. Our values, eternal: respect for the natural environment and man.

The olive oil PDO Sitia 

Olive oil is one of the most emblematic products of the Mediterranean, synonymous with the health, well-being, and the longevity of the human body. Modern medical science has recognised these unique qualities in olive oil since it is one of the most important defensive shields of the body. The resistance to the passage of time and the natural euphoria of people who consume olive oil is scientifically recognised. The unique exceptional virgin olive oil with the Protected Designation of Origin as Siteia of Lasithi, Crete, is produced in the historical area of Sitia, at the southernmost part of Crete. This olive oil is the natural juice of the olive variety “Koroneiki”, which is cultivated exclusively in the area. It is distinguished by its golden-green colour, its fresh and complex aroma, its excellent taste, balanced between bitter and sweet, and its pleasant, enduring aftertaste. It owes its particularity primarily to the geographical environment and to the ideal conditions which exist in the area and its micro-climate: more than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, mild winter, summer breezes of the north and south Cretan Sea, mountainous and semi-mountainous limestone earth, olive groves which are surrounded by wild, aromatic herbs of the Cretan countryside. The olive oil of Sitia, however, becomes unique because it is cultivated within an anthropogenic environment where peace, simplicity, faith in tradition, but above all, the dedication of the farmers of Sitia reign.

Contribution to the protection of the environment.

Monasteries were always connected with the cultivation of agricultural products on which they based their financial self-sufficiency. The Holy Monastery of Toplou, a leader in organic farming and following the faith of the Orthodox Church for the protection of creation as a gift of God toward man and the preservation of the natural environment, took a step further with the purpose of creating an ecological park in the area around the monastic complex. A contemporary wind-energy park was created, the first in the area. 350 acres of olive groves are cultivated according to the organic method in the lands of the Monastery. 
Our Company “BIOKALLIERGITES SITIAS A.E” is completely in line with the current regulations and directives of the European Union as well as the international food specifications with regard to quality, taste, and the laboratory testing of olive oil. The very rich in micro-organisms and nitrogen by-products, which are produced during the production process of the olive oil (olive kernels, seeds, and liquid residues), end up in the facilities of COMPOST and are then made into fertiliser which will be used in the cultivation of the organic olive groves.

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